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Are You the Canva of Your Category?

Mara Rada
2 min readJun 10, 2021

In a marketing world hyper-focused on SEO, conversions, and KPIs, it might seem that creativity isn’t a thing anymore. Over a decade of trying to maximize conversion rates has left the ad industry devoid of what used to be its soul: creativity and metaphors.

The ad industry has been hit particularly hard by the focus on collecting data. Creativity is no longer the name of the game, and marketers are increasingly skeptical of anything that can’t be measured. Or at least anything that can’t be measured immediately.

But without creativity, brands are dead and the result is a lot of forgettable advertising. This is what we’ve seen happening acutely during this pandemic. More companies advertise more, send more cold emails, but see fewer and fewer conversions.

Why? Because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate among an increasing number of competitors when all you have to offer is dry and descriptive explanations and names that are the same in a sea of sameness.

Take a look at logo maker apps on any app store: countless undifferentiated app names like Logo Maker, Logo Maker., Logo Maker” Logo Maker + Logo Creator, Logo Creator, etc. You get the gist. No differentiation, no inspiration, no emotional connection. Resulting in few downloads.

On the other hand, there is Canva with a memorable name that creates strong visuals in one’s mind. Their name manages to inspire and connect emotionally with people so it’s no surprise that they are far more successful and the leaders of the category.

To return the ad industry to its former glory, creativity needs to be brought back and rethought. Creativity needs to be the focal point of every marketing strategy. Creativity needs to be incentivized and rewarded. And creativity starts with the #name.

Creativity is what makes humans’ brains light up. It’s what makes people pay attention to something, remember it, feel it, and share it with others. And that is the key to good marketing.

The industry needs to stop obsessing on numbers and go back to its roots: being creative and making people care. Creativity must be incentivized and rewarded. It’s the key to making brands iconic and loved. It’s the key to making a company stand out. It’s the key to making an ad memorable.

With creativity back at the center of marketing, the industry can reclaim its title as the most effective marketing tool. Creativity will get audiences to pay attention and care. It will get them to desire a brand, remember it, care for it, and share it with others.

That’s what good marketing is all about. And it all starts with a good name.



Mara Rada

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